Tuesday, 10 August 2010

I welcome myself into the blogging world!

Okay, so I decided to put my 'beauty knowledge fingers' to work and welcome myself into the world of blogging! Its quite exciting sharing my opinions on products that are suppose to give you this 'all over perfection' that simple we cant erase but be sure to hell can hide, with some products that is. Most products stick a couple nonsense medical terms that make us go "ooh pentapeptides it must work".  But there are a few things out there that aren't going to break your bank or ask you to lie flat on a gourney and be wheeled into the operating theatre, Thankfully. Im here to test the new cosmetics, skincare and whatever else i can get my hands on! Opinions both bad and good included and 100% the truth. Look forward to writing.
Enjoy my BeautyBuddies.


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