Friday, 17 September 2010

Top 5 home remedies for super shiny locks.

We've all walked down the 'Hair Care' isle and been over whelmed as to what does what and whos is the best. With over 50 brands of hair care products and hundreds of different types of frizz tamers, shine sprays, colour locking formulars, curl tamers etc, its no wonder we just grab the first that says 'shiny' or 'soft' and get straight out of there! But why keep paying rediculous prices and testing so many of these products when you've got everything you need at home?

1. Olive oil - This hidden wonder is not just for cooking. Olive oil acts as a hair shine conditioning mask with its natural oils bursting through the hair shafts surface to get right inside where your hairs at its dryest. Simply take an egg cup amount of olive oil and rub through the hair. Wrap the hair inside a towel or shower cap, leave for 2hours or for best results over night and use the regular shampoo/conditionair routine in the morning.
2. Milk - Milk is one of the main ingredients used in shampoo's and conditionairs. Because of its creamy forumlar it helps smooth split ends down to create that shine, great for blondes and actually can help straighten your hair. Directions of use? Take a spray bottle and fill it with half a cup of milk. Spray the hair till its damn and comb through. Leave for an hour and wash out with shampoo/conditionair.
3. Beer - Want to get hair as soft and smooth as possible? Next time your male friends sipping that beer, steal a can. Its great for bringing out brunette color. Directions? Simply use like you would shampoo and massage into the scalp, Leave for 10minutes and rinse, shampoo/condition.
4. Yoghurt - Like milk yoghurt can straighten, smooth and make hair look extra shiny. Yoghurt is easier to use than milk and can be used as a hair mask. Simply slap on the yoghurt, comb through and leave for 30minutes. Shampoo and condition.
4. Vineger - Yes, vineger. It brings out that rich brunette colour in natural or coloured hair, smooths down hair ends and adds shine. Take 2 teaspoons of vineger and mix with your regular shampoo.
5. Lemon Juice - Great for getting rid of that yellow/orange blonde you hate. Lemon juice is usually used to get rid of stains, as it actually contains its own natural bleach. So mix two table spoons of lemon juice in hair conditionair and leave for a couple hours. Rinse and shampoo/condition.

So next time, before you go wondering down the Hair Care isle, check whats in your kitchen cupboard!

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