Monday, 4 October 2010

No1 Anti-ageing Cream for just £3.49 from ALDI

This budget saving serum won first place in 'Intensive anti-ageing serums' category of a beauty survey, beating popular brands such as; Olay, No7 and Avon.

One Thousand women tested the Two thousand creams in non-labelled, white containers. They were asked what was their favourite 'tub' of cream and if there was a noticable difference. Aldi's own branded skincare product 'Lacura Anti-Ageing Cream' was named the best cream with the top noticable results. It also came in joint place with Lancomes £51 Luxary Night Cream in Channel Fours "How To Look Good Naked".

So I would usually do a little research into the product to see if its worth purchasing to review. But seen as its only an affordable £3.49 i thought id just go straight to Aldi to purchase it and read up reviews later. All the reviews ive seen have said they noticed a difference after about a week. So going by that figure i decided to give it ago.

The product itself contains: Shea butter, Macadamia Nut Oil and vitamins. Some products have said to contain some type of 'chemical from snake venom'.

The application of the product is pretty simple - smooth from forehead to the bottom of the neck. The consistancy is pretty thick so it doesnt run down the face.
I used the cream in the morning and at night for a week now and can tell you this definatley deserved 1st place. For £3.49 its definatley a powerful little thing. I myself dont have many wrinkles but i prefer to keep it that way by 'starting early'. The product made a great difference to my skin by banishing my dry skin, making it look tighter, plumper and feel the smoothest ive ever felt it. I also felt it made my face have a slight glow and its great as a foundation primer!

Id grab a crate before they realise its being sold so cheap!

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