Thursday, 12 August 2010

2inch bottle of airbrush perfection!

So, we've all used half a bottle of foundation before a nightout to make sure we look 'Photoready' and flawless. But all that dancing makes us run back and fourth to the bathroom every 20minutes to 'top up'. Not to mention we look like plastic dolls with bulging bags of every counter in Selfridges! Well ive discovered this little wonder. Walking into 'Boots' im looking to try the new 'Revlon Photoready Foundation' I pick up a colour a little lighter than normal as i use a darker powder to set the foundation, (Big Tip for longer lasting makeup - powder) and run off home. YES! its brilliant. Its like carrying round an airbrush machine but in a 2inch bottle! The coverage is perfect and it doesnt clog your pores! Definatley a must. It is a little pricer than the average foundation on he highstreet but its alot cheaper than most! Photoready? Yes!

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