Monday, 23 August 2010

Back to Base

Stand up and be prepared to salute 'Gosh Velvet Touch face primer'. Creating a uniformed finished base to smooth over foundation leaving you with that desired no-shine flawless finish. This is my new favourite primer! It goes side by side to Urban Decays Primer Potion and for half the price! I've wanted to try it for quite a while and boy-o-boy, am I happy I have. Perfect for a basic moisturiser on clean skin or as a face primer before applying your foundation. Gosh primer comes in 'Clear' and 'Apricot' finish serum so would work great as a tinted moisturiser too. If your wanting a serum a little stronger Gosh have created 'Velvet Touch Line Corrector' to smooth down lines that appear a little deeper. Is it for you? It works on all skin types as there is no added oils or perfumes and its preservative free. Perfect 2in1 'nifty' bottle in my opinion!

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  1. That's the primer I use :) xx