Wednesday, 18 August 2010

St Tropez's £3 contender!

I'm a big fan of Faking it than Baking it and I hate spending that last £20-£30 on a bottle of brown liquid, yet I do! I use to think there was nothing better than that St Tropez golden glow and yes it's the best; streak free, natural and easiest tanner I've found. But, I have discovered a VERY close contender! Streak free? Yes. Natural looking? Check. Easy application? Check. Price? Only £3 a bottle! Now that's worth getting the word around. It does exactly the same job as that money stealing St Tropez and it even has 9/10 of the same ingredients! Could it get any better? I've found the best place to get hold of this little treasure is; Home Bargains, cheap Beauty Stores and Bodycare. Go get golden girls!

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