Sunday, 15 August 2010

BeautyTrend (Autumn/Winter 2010)

Berry Lips!
Yes girls, this confident classic is back for those who love strutting there stuff with 'power-pouting' confidence! From classic strawberry to the sweetest blackcurrent theres a range of shades to experiment and recreate that modern beauty. Outline your lips with a shade darker than your lip colour and create that desired cupids bow. Then splash on that juicy lip colour and your ready to rock that trend. (Check out Boots No7 lip range)

Kohl Crazy!
Dip back into your makeup bag and pull out that hard-working kohl pencil or liquid liner if you prefer. Let your eyes be the focus for Autumn/Winter and experiement with creating that mysterious glance. Wrap Kohl around the entire eye (no broken lines) and add a dash of personality with a flash of coloured shadow. (Best: Benefit Bad Gal Eyeliner in Black) or (Benefits 'Smokin Eye Kit' perfect to add Bold Brows! and Kohl Eyes)

Bold Brows! Total opposite to last winters 'no-brow' look. We're now adding fullness to our brows, framing those smokey eyes and strengthening that expression. The look needs tamed brows to pull out those tweezers and those loose hairs. Grab your brown pencil or shadow and start filling in those brows!

Blushing Beauty! We're loving the seasons touch of color with a light pink blusher! To create the look you'll need to dust the cheek bones with a candy pink layer of blusher . (Best: Benefits blusher  in Coral). For extra contouring, dust the forehead and temples too.

Translucent Skin! Taking a slight tip from the Victorian Era were looking for that airbrushed bare look. Using a foundation such as (Revlon: Photoready). Take a peasized amount of liquid and apply using a brush or sponge. Get rid of any excess with patting a tissue over the face and apply some translucent powder (Revlon: Photoready Translucent Powder) this will set the base and your makeup will last longer aswell as ontrend! 2 for the price of 1.

Pale Nails! This trend is forgiving to those nail nibblers who's short nails aren't too pretty in bold colours. Pale colours lengthen your fingers and work with any outfit. Thankyou! Best 'pale-nail' colour (Topshops: Hide and Seek nailcolour).

Metal Lids! We're looking for natural beauty with a twist! Add 'rock-chick' syle to natural eyes with a splash of metallic cream shadow! Cigarette colours are a must, thats; fawns, golds, ambers, yellows, browns, beige and creams. I adore Rimmels metallic cream shadow collection and they're cheap! So smooth on that cream shadow and be ready to rock that trend.

Peaches and Cream: Touches of peach and cream colours are definatley key this season. To add innocents to those smouldering Kohl eyes or those edible Berry lips. Add touches of cream and peach blusher or eyeshadow to those temples, jawline, eye sockets and forehead.

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  1. I adore the darkest blackcurrent colour for lips, I always look forward to a/w so I can start wearing it!
    Glad for the pale nail trend and I can't stop wearing my light mint nail varnish at the moment.

    Brill info :)