Thursday, 2 September 2010

Beauty Tricks and Tips

Buns - They are still in this season and we all want that big, fuller looking bun. So how do we get it? Spray some dry shampoo over the hair (like Batiste Fresh)  and comb through, the hair will immediately appear thicker and fuller.

Longer Fingers - Luckily we're rocking the pale colours this Autumn/ Winter which appear to make your fingers look longer. If you want to use a dark colour, don't be afraid just paint the centre of the nail and leave the sides.

Lasting Lipstick - Lip-liner! Its the only key for smudge free, longer lasting lipstick. If you don't want those lips to look all 'trout-pout'. Than use a neutral lip-liner to line those beauties.

Staying Power Foundation - 'Revlon Photo ready foundation' is just perfect. Leaves you looking naturally airbrushed and stays put. But another trick for those nights out is Hairspray! Yes, using a small amount spray over the face approximately 20cm away and off you go.

Dry Skin - We use anti-dandruff shampoo on our hair (The Body Shop Ginger Shampoo ive found is fantastic) so why not use it for our face? The ingredients in the shampoo minimises yeast that causes the dryness. So next time your in the shower rub some shampoo over your dry areas.

Big Hair - We all love that big 1960's hair. And the cheapest way to get it is to DIY. Take a spritz bottle (£1 from Bodycare) and add two small tea spoons of sugar. Spray at the roots and leave to dry - immediate boost.

Fake Tan Disaster - Orange Palms or Streaky skin. Best thing to use is washing powder. It acts as an exfoliant, aswell as easily removing the tan with its stain removing ingredient it uses for clothes. Remember to moisturise straight afterwards as washing powder can dry the skin out.

Route Disaster - So your going on a big night out and you realise your routes are as long as a motorway. Grab your black/ brown mascara and spread it over your routes. Easily quick fix and washes out.

Yellow Toenails - So that nail polish looked great on but now you've taken it off and its left those fresh feet with yellow nails. Fix it up using lemon juice and buffing cream both ingredients together ex foliate the nail plate and remove the stain. Just remember next time to use a base coat.

Breakouts - Dont rush out buying 5 different brands that claim to get rid of spots in however many hours. Always use natural products like Tea tree which dries the spot out. Or use Sudacreme, yes that's right. Usually used for nappy rash on babies Sudacreme works perfect fro spots too! Dab on and leave over night, reduces spots significantly.

Straw Hair - Your hair looks rather like a scarecrow? Easy - head to your kitchen and grab the olive oil. Take about 4 table spoons and rub through your hair. Wrap in a towel and leave for a couple hours. Wash out using your regular routine and taa-daar yours hair looks more healthier than a trip to the salon.

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