Sunday, 5 September 2010

Maybellines New Products!

Im quite a fan of the Highstreet brand Maybelline. Its ' Lash Stiletto' mascara is one of my favourite voluptuous lash lengthener I've tried, (Check out Augusts Blog for the review). So upon wondering into my nearest Boots I decided to to pick up the new '24H Superstay Foundation' and the new 'Eye Studio Quads Palette' in 'Glamour Browns' .

24H Superstay Foundation? Its silky formula smooths over the face without a problem and allows you to blend outwards without it drying too quickly. It comes in 8 shades, very light sand - dark cocoa, I usually slap on a medium self tanner and so I bought 'Nude Beige'. It was a perfect match to my skin and full coverage in half a pump. I usually apply a mineral powder to minimise shine and set the foundation, but as this claimed it lasted 24 hours I decided to try it out. Twenty Four hours later...... Looks freshly  applied and I didn't even need to use powder as there was no shine! ' Do-It-All-Through-It-24hour' Yes you can.

Eye Studio Quads firstly come with 4 engraved numbers in the 4 colours chosen and a small application guide for base, lids, crease and line for 'instant impact'. Perfect for those who want to try something new or get the hang of the smouldering brown smoky eye. The 'Glamour Browns' palette which I chose came with white, gold, light brown and dark brown, all colours had a slight sparkle but not to heavy, so great for everyday wear or layer it for night clubbing impact. It does have 'lightweight feel on the eye' and i found there wasn't any dropping residue. The colours are very similar to Mac eye-shadow's in (Vanilla, Gorgeous Gold, Charcoal Brown and Twinks) Great little palette for your make-up bag!

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