Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Remove your FAKE TAN disasters.....

Fake Tan.
Whether its tinted or non tinted, expensive or cheap, light or dark, applied with latex gloves or a mitt it can still go Orange/Patchy/Streaky. We have all experienced the dreaded 'dirty tan' and we hate to use them 3 words before a night out or a date...especially a date! Who wants to be asked "Has your shower broke?" or "Did you go for a walk in the woods before you came?".

But what if everything you needed to perfect that tan or start again was in your kitchen cupboard? Heres 10 tips to get rid of orange hands and streaky legs!

1. Lemon Juice - (Not just for pancake day) Squeeze a lemon onto a sponge or kitchen roll and rub over the area you wish to retan.
2 Washing powder - Yes! Besure to moisturise heavily afterwards though. But take a tablet or the powder and use as an exfoliator. It washes stains out clothes so why not your skin?
3. Vinegar - There are two ways to use vinegar. Either pour some into a bowl of hot water, soak hands then exfoliate. Or dab onto your hands, wait a couple minutes and exfoliate off.
4. Nail varnish Remover - Pour onto a cotton wool pad and rub over the area then exfoliate.
5. Shaving - If your pins are a little streaky shave and exfoliate then reapply the tan.
6. Hydrogen Peroxide - It can bleach you hair right? Put a little into some warm water, Bathe your hands then exfoliate - always remember to moisturise afterwards!!!
7. Baby oil - Softens the skin and so makes it easier to scrub off that fake tan.
8. Bleach - Pour a couple drops of kitchen bleach into some warm water, soak hands and exfoliate. Once exfoliated wash hands with shampoo to get rid of the bleach smell and moisturise.
9. Face toner - Toner gets rid of any oils, dryng out the tan and making it easy to scrub off.
10. Oily Makeup Remover - Again like baby oil it softens the skin and tan so makes it that much more easier to remove it!

Remember to always moisturise before appliying the Fake Tan as the area will be drier than normal!
But with these quick fix times, you'll look more beach babe than dirty doll!

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