Monday, 18 October 2010

Three fuzz fighters, Whats best?

"The weather's getting colder and we're pulling out our winter wardrobe, which usually means covering up in our thickest tights and cosiest jeans! But for most of us that doesn't mean neglecting our on-growing community of stubbly bodies.
Britain's best way of fighting the fuzz is (drum-roll)....shaving. Yes, its pretty quick, cheap and painless but it doesn't last a day before the hair is fighting its way back out and our legs begin to dry up and start to look like a road map. So here is 3 top ways of getting rid of unwanted hair, including the positives and negatives of use."

1.Waxing - Okay, it isn't the cheapest option but its not pocket scraping! It lasts around a month depending on the persons hair growth and is a little painful but nothing to uncomfortable and doesn't last long a simple quick pain, relax, quick pain, relax. Doing it yourself is a bad idea in the bikini area, you can cause bruising so its best to go to a salon where they can do it pretty quickly and less painful. Advantages? Lasting around 30minutes is pretty fast for a 4 fuzz free weeks. No ingrowing hairs. You can choose a designer landing strip. Cleaner. Disadvantages? Little more costly than shaving but would it add up to the amount of new blades bought in a month? Its a little painful compared to the pain free shaving but it lasts more than 13x the amount of waxing. And last of all, its not really a DIY at home kinda thing, best to leave it to the professionals.

2.Epilation Epilation is a mechanical method of plucking hairs. Devices today cost anything between £25-£100 depending on the brand and power. Although it looks quite costly you never have to replace it unless of course it breaks. Its more painful than waxing and shaving as it is made up of tweezers that you roll up the leg in which they then pull out the hair. This is the least used hair removal device used. Advantages? Could be cheaper than waxing once the cost is added  up. It can be done at home and is an easy device to find in the shops. Lasts the same amount of time as waxing. Disadvantages? More painful than shaving and waxing. It is likely you could miss an area of hair growth. Time consuming.

3.Shaving - The popular way of removing fuzz. Advantages: Its cheap depending on what product you buy. It is a DIY product. Its painless. It removes hair quickly so isn't time consuming and can be done in the shower or bath. Disadvantages: Lasts only 1-2 days before regrowth and stubble which can cause a rash or discomfort. It can dry the skin out pulling the razor upwards. And can cause ingrowing hairs.

Which is best for you? 

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